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posted on 29/3/2018 21:57 - this thread is locked.This week's playlist - Rocket's Neue Viben Härte manifesto - filthymick

A divine selection of haunting balladry, if I do say so myself

Liner notes:

This is pretty much what I listen to on a daily basis, a bit of Rammstein on the train on the way to work in the morning sets me up for the day.
I'm 57 years old, my 2 kids are grown up with families of their own, and my missus and I have no wish to lay by a pool in Spain for 2 weeks.
So we spend our money on gigs and festivals, Download, Bloodstock, Reading festivals and lots of gigs in London. We did 27 last year, have 15 already booked for this
I saw lots of bands BITD, and don't really want to see them again as older hasbeens (and I include Iron Maiden in that) My taste in music is getting more extreme the older I get

- And lo, they were given power over the Vibe to kill by sword, plague, over-entitlement and those really s**tty little pictures with bits you type in yourself -

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