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posted on 14/8/2022 14:30Report On The Passage Of Undergraduate Practice - ralphmcmahon

Report On The Passage Of Undergraduate Practice


How do I prepare a report on my undergraduate internship? At the end of the practice, a report is necessarily written - it becomes either a full-fledged practical part of the diploma or its draft. Its structure is pretty standard:

  1. A title page with information about the student, the place of internship and two supervisors.
  2. Introduction, which will be a listing of the tasks and goals. The list of assignments must be certified by the signature of the supervisor and the living seal of the administration.
  3. The main part - which describes the practice itself and the results obtained.
  4. Attached is the trainee's diary, filled out daily. It is signed every day by the head of the practice, and at the end by the signature and seal of the head of production, school.
  5. List of literature that was used in the analysis, preparation and preparation of assignments, schemes, surveys.
  6. An application in which the originals of surveys, photo reports, and so on are posted. If the student has worked with important documents or on the creation of a large project, then it is allowed to attach certified copies and extracts.
  7. Full description of the student and his internship, certified by two supervisors.
  8. Reports from both managers.


Tips and tricks for reporting


The most important advice is to do everything on time and not put off anything for later. So, the diary must be filled in every day, and not at the end of the practice feverishly remember what and when it was. And all tests and surveys should be carried out by click here as soon as there is time. It is also advisable to analyze and process them immediately, since after a while important little things and thoughts will disappear from the memory.


All descriptions and reflections should be recorded as detailed and detailed as possible so that the readers do not miss the chain of reflections and can come to the same conclusions. It is better to record the sources used in the work at once, with all the data and pages. Let the list be chaotic at first, because you can bring it into the system later, but it can be difficult to find the same book or article. Every day, and especially closer to the end, it is necessary to carry out introspection and look for what was done well. And what you need to work on. 


You also need to ask your leader about it. The result can be excellent if the student does not hesitate to take the initiative. Don't be afraid to ask, ask and insist. After all, the leader must see the desire and aspiration of the student in passing and defending. So, a competent and successfully completed pre-diploma practice is the key to the successful writing of a thesis and its defense. This is an application for a successful career path.

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