BV Dictionary


Aeroplane BlondeOne who has bleached/dyed her hair but still has a 'black box'. Backdraft - n. 1991 Hollywood blockbuster about greedy striking fireman wanting 80%; vomit.


Bambern. A shithole near Preston (Bamber Bridge); quiz (not psycho who killed all his family as in Jeremy). A railroad car or locomotive undercarriage having pairs of wheels that swivel so that curves can be negotiated, snot; a ticket in the opposition’s section.
Bran. Brassiere; two ‘marbles’.Marbles
Brew roomn. Kitchen (as in “oi ‘Grape’, get back in the ‘brew room’, I’m watching Eurotrash”).
Browniesn. A member of the Girl Scouts from 6-8 years of age, a bar of moist, usually chocolate cake, often with nuts; An out-of-townie, usually a ‘helmet’ or a red ‘scotch’. To cause to undergo combustion; desire (as in “I've no ‘burning’ to go on the ‘helmets’ ‘plank’”).


Caken. Mixture of flour, butter, eggs, sugar etc, baked in an oven; a pint of beer.
Cake shopn. A public house that sells ‘cake’.
Chezzy homo‘Mittens’ joined together by a piece of wool or string; Cartman.
Chimneyn. Structure by which smoke or steam is carried off; a trophy.
Chippyn. A shop that sells chipped potatoes, fish, pies, sausages, warm pop and fried confectionary; a washed-up over-the-hill has-been (as in “Oi, Ron Atkinson, you’re a f#cking ‘Chippy’… panto at Skegness next year I'm afraid for you, yer ‘tube’”).
Court CaseCoffee Morning
Cyberbertsn; sI-bur-burts BBMB's wot respond in spurious internet votes and the like with a mongy agenda


Dovesn. birds of the family Columbidae, having a small head and a characteristic cooing call; Knutsford (or similar) boys - posh kids.
Dumper truckn. A piece of heavy machinery, vehicle used to carry materials and deposit them in other places; a fat bird.


Fettlen. Loose sand or ore used to line the hearth of a furnace in preparation for pouring molten metal; a shag.
Flashv.intr. From “Flash Dance” - glance. To expose oneself in an indecent manner; to have a look.
FLBacr. Fellow Light Blue
Forty sevensl. adj. An integer between 46 and 48; a word used to describe ‘giving it steps’ to the ‘cake shop’ (as in "Are you going to the ‘cake shop’ then?". "Yes, just starting me ‘47’ now").
freeze your nads To have chilly testicles; to do something else to avoid ‘speccing’ the ‘helmet rags’ on the ‘William’.


Gaystapo(n.) [gAY-star-pO] A self-appointed body of grizzlers which rules on whether an act, object or being is considered 'midnite' or not.
Grapen. Edible berries of the genus Vitis used in winemaking, a mangy tumor on the leg of a horse; the wife.
Grizzlern. A (usually) chunky GBSB who is keen to indulge in Holtage or larging it
Guntn. From “c#nt” and “gut”. The big bit of flab that fat birds have in-between their belly and their vagina, best showed off with tight trousers (as in “look at the size of the ‘gunt’ on that ‘dumper truck!’”).


Helmet ragsn. A piece of cloth used to wipe or polish ones foreskin; MUFCplc players.
Helmetsn. Head coverings of hard material to protect the head, foreskins; MUFCplc fans.
Holtagen. To indulge in Joey Holt’s.
Hydingn. To indulge in Hyde’s.


ICBYBTPTacr. I Can't Believe You Bothered To Post That


Kellyn. (From “Kelly’s Heroes”). A bisexual name; hero (as in “Tony Grant, he’s me ‘Kelly’ he is”).
Kieronn. (from “Kieron Dyer” - Liar). One that tells lies; a f#cking liar.


Largerv. To be of greater dimensions than compared object(s); lager.
Larging itn. To indulge in ‘larger’.


Marblen. Small, spherical pieces of glass; a supercilious gobshite.
Mittenn. Hand wear usually without individual finger compartments but with one for the thumb; Someone who ‘specs’ ‘pheasants’ in ‘cake shops’ claiming to "support no one in particular" but still appears to only ever show up when the ‘helmets’ are playing. Often seen sucking up to ‘marbles’. Says "this is champagne football" pretty much all the time.
Moonwalker(From Neil Armstrong); a ‘spangle’ who falsely claims they have been somewhere or are going somewhere.


Nicolaen. Infamous Blue Viewer credited with starting the "Keegan quitting" story: a bollocks rumour.
Noddyn. A homosexual, rosy cheeked puppet; a good person surrounded by ‘marbles’.

P Birds of the family Phasianidae characteristically having long tails and, in the males of many species, brilliantly colored plumage; the game - the match (as in "any ‘tube’ got a ‘spider’ for the Northampton ‘pheasant?’”). From “pig's snout”; missed out.
Plankn. Long, flat piece of timber; website.
Pramn. A baby carriage; a coach full of ‘helmets’.
Prepn. From “preparation”, research done for a specific purpose; a pre-‘pheasant’ boozer (as in "have we a ‘prep’ sorted for the Fulham ‘pheasant?’”).
PRMacr. “Professional Red Mancunian”


Quinnedtr.v. From Niall Quinn; denied (as in “I’ve been f#cking ‘Quinned’ for a Colchester spider”).


Scoffing quailsn. From “quaffing ales”; to booze.
Scotchn. (used with a pl. verb) The people of Scotland, an alcoholic beverage; a scouser.
Sofasn. A long upholstered seat typically with a back and arms; executive boxes.
Spanglen. A square, boiled sweet, famous during the 1970s; an idiot.
Spannern. A wrench having a hook, hole, or pin at the end for meshing with a related device on another object; a generous and good natured alcoholic.
Specn. The specifications, as for a building to be constructed; to have a look.
Spidern. Arachnids of the order Araneae, having a body divided into a cephalothorax bearing eight legs, two fangs, and two feelers and an unsegmented abdomen; a ticket.
Spiders legsn. Arachnid legs; ‘spider’ stubs.
Stepsn. Now-defunct Abba-esque pop band containing H; to walk (as in “are we getting a cab or what?”. “Nah, we’ll give it ‘steps’, you lazy f#cking ‘tube’).


TBEOTSAcronym - 'The Business End Of The Season', a time during which mongage gets multiplied, bums get squeaky and run-in spreadsheets get erroneously updated, causing mucho grief and anguishSqueaky Bum Time, SBT
Tuben. A hollow cylinder, an underground railroad tunnel; a f#cking ‘spangle’.
Twenty-sumfinksn. “PRMz”.


VibertA "bert" from BluevibeFLB, Bert


X-PILESUnwanted visitors from old trafford