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posted on 15/10/2019 16:37 - this thread is locked.Note: That thread on the SNP the other night - filthymick

What started by making a point (I don't care for whining politicians either) had some serious undercurrents of casual and overt racism in the ensuing posts.

May I ask on behalf of Admin please:

1) Be aware that the political and socio-economic profile of these fair lands is toxic rite now

2) Recognise that as a bunch of middle-aged males well past our best days that we don't need to contribute in a negative-sounding way to all the bad stuff is going on outside of our little City bubble, in terms of stuff that sticks around on the internet forever

3) MODERATE your language (*)

(*) Paddy / Mick / Sweaty / Gog stuff is still fine if you know the person you're insulting, and have written permission from them, filed in advance and cc'ed to Loon in accordance with EU Data Protection and GDPR principles (**)

(**) Current guidance states that Gav, Prac and ESM are stand-out and societal-accepted racial tropes on here and are therefore fair game, like with Bernardo and Mendy, kind of. I'm consulting on the Cheshire Poove case with our top legal minds and will inform you of their judgment

- Exterminate, annihilate, the Parliamentary Party conquers and destroys! -