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posted on 7/4/2018 08:43 - this thread is locked.This week's playlist - Aitch's Vibey Season Definer - filthymick

Liner notes:

As I thought these playlists had to be themed, I plumped randomly for films. Hence the following musical journey that has weak or occasionally strong links to movies. Movies may include Trainspotting (1 & 2), Platoon, Human Traffic, Amélie, some James Bond, Vanilla Sky and most importantly The Killing Fields.

I hope you enjoy, even the classical stuff near the end, and that it brings back fond memories of heroin use, far-fetched stories about spies, bad Tom Cruise acting and Charlie Sheen being riddled with a thousand bullets as we all look on mournfully. In short, this playlist may depress you.
(and if you haven't seen Amélie or the Killing Fields, then shame on you. But don't see Vanilla Sky, it's crap).

- Exterminate, annihilate, the Parliamentary Party conquers and destroys! -

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