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posted on 16/10/2020 15:12Covid-19 Mutual Aid / Foodbanks - Gramsci.

 Covid-19 Mutual Aid will have a group local to you

What the groups do: 
  • Providing a number for local vulnerable people to call if they need support.
  • Running errands/shopping for vulnerable people/self isolating people
  • Providing a friendly ear and some emotional support to community members who are self isolating or finding the pandemic overwhelming.
So if you are in need, or know anyone who is, or want to volunteer, here's how to find and contact your local group.


It's not the only foodbank charity, but The Trussell Trust is helping people across the UK in the face of an increasing amount of hardship and desperation out there. They need more money, so if you're able to, please make a donation.

We know they shouldn't be necessary, but for the forseeable future they really are vital.


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