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posted on 26/11/2020 11:02Further to the Tory cronyism stuff below... One thing that explains it all. - RsFH

There is one fact that you need to see how much they are taking the ****, and how little they actually give a **** about who knows it.

It's probably pretty common knowledge by this point because this sort of thing has been completely normalised so bears repeating and is an eye opener if you didn't.

The woman at the centre of much of this, is Dido Harding, appointed to head a £12billion project without any sort of due process by her good friend Matt Hancock, and who is a peer after her other good friend David Cameron made her one.

To date her biggest claim to fame has been being spectacularly **** as CEO of TalkTalk.

She is also chair of what used to be called Public Health England and of the Jockey Club which runs events such as The Cheltenham Festival which famously went ahead this year despite it being obvious that this virus was going to do some damage and other events had been cancelled....

Now. The government DO have an anti corruption department that would normally oversee this sort of thing. It's run by the Anti Corruption Champion is appointed by the PM and looks to enact the Government Anti Corruption Strategy which has stated targets to 'Promote integrity across the public and private sectors and reduce corruption in public procurement and grants.'

The current Government Anti Corruption Champion is John Penrose.

Dido Harding's husband.

Incidentally, while his wife has huge sway over the running of the NHS, he is a huge, HUGE fan of ditching the NHS in favour of a US style system. 

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