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posted on 24/12/2020 13:44Don't you think that they know this is finality - Gramsci.

and will therefore just get in line to cheer it?  They just can't get anything else, so there's no mileage in opposing.

It's Labour that's in the **** now in my opinion:
  • Do they abstain and look kinda disinterested and not responsible as it passes through?
  • Or vote for it?  i.e. that is the architect of aligning Labour to FBPE*/People'sVote* (disastrously as it turned out) actually voting for a hard (and poor) brexit deal.
  • Meantime the entire mass media hailing it as a triumph, BBC in overdrive, which in purely poitical terms (definitely not economic or social) it actually will be.

* who painted such a bad scenario that anything - any deal - can be held to be a triumph compared to their predictions.

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