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posted on 1/12/2021 08:30Following the science - Gramsci.

 "Boris Johnson contradicts expert advice to curb Christmas socialising"

And someone leaked the SAGE minutes - usually they take months to publish* - where advisers say "that there is not currently any evidence of widespread community transmission of Omicron in the UK, as there has been in parts of South Africa"  Not yet, it can be greatly slowed with prompt and stringent action, to allow development of the vaccines to catch up.

So the mistakes of the past where stringency is too little/too late is being repeated (first wave, eat out to help out, and again autumn-winter 2020).

Cautionary approach always best with a deadly threat.  I imagined we would have learned that after the first wave. 

Scotland and Wales have gone as far apart from the UK Govt as they reasonably can and recommended working at home.

England as of today, you must wear a mask on a bus or in a shop, but not in a classroom or office or theatre. 

One can imagine the frustration of SAGE and other advisers to the govt, hence, I imagine, the leak.

* in order to separate in time the scientific advice from government decisions - to avoid timely scrutiny obvs.

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