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posted on 10/12/2021 10:47Pandemic handling - Gramsci.

 No 'herd immunity'/"take it on the chin"/"let the bodies pile high" from Jacinda Ardern:     

NZ rate for full vaccination: 72.62% - UK rate: 68.34%

NZ rate for cases: 2,523 per million - UK rate: 155,868 per million 

NZ 44 deaths (8.95 deaths per million). UK, 147,000 deaths (2,178 deaths per million).

Note that degree of urbanisation in NZ is higher in UK.  They just took a conventional approach to a public health crisis, an informed, empathetic and reasonable one.

And the NZ economy has been less affected than the UK's.

Meantime, Michael Portillo outing himself as an absolute fool on BBC Question Time:  "Our response has been better than Australia or New Zealand".

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