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posted on 11/1/2022 11:07Always seemed a decent 'Tory'.... - boom

Boris Johnson is 'serial liar' who should be removed from office, says former Tory attorney general
Dominic Grieve has issued a blistering attack on the prime minister, saying the Conservative Party would fare better if he were removed.

Asked about the latest allegations against Boris Johnson, he said: "He ought to be in a lot of trouble because he's told a series of untruths about these issues over a period of time and the latest evidence clearly suggests that the rules were broken."

He continued that the public has "very little trust" in the prime minister now, adding: "The difficulty we have here is that we have a prime minister who's effectively a serial liar."

"My impression is that there are many MPs who are deeply unhappy about him, but the difficulty is that replacing a prime minister requires courage, it requires the upheaval that goes with it, and it requires the coordination necessary to get him removed," he told the BBC.

"I think it'd be very desirable if he were removed. I think the Conservative Party would find that it has a much better future without him than it has with him at present."

Mr Grieve said it was not clear whether this would happen in the short term or longer term.