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posted on 9/4/2022 09:24Ponder this FLBs - Gramsci.

Whilst Rishi Sunak was a serving UK MP and chancellor he was telling the US government that he intended to make the US his permanent home and that he was only visiting the UK. 

Meantime, his wife - richer than Queenie - was telling the UK authorities that she was only here temporarily and fully intended to make India her permanent home.

And ( they've been rumbled of course...), it's worth it to them to scamble to pay £millions to try to save his job prospects ...

                                                       ... in a mere £150k a year job.

So, for example, when Rishi Sunak had a private meeting with US health providers,  was he an aspiring American national at the time thinking about his future wealth and benefitting his associates in the US?; or was he a UK Chancellor with the interest of British people first and foremost?


PS Labour's Stephen Kinnock = non dom (Switzerland), earns there - and weekends in Denmark.  How he represents his constituents is moot.

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