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posted on 21/9/2023 13:56Is it time for another referendum? - AbbeyHeyLaner

The nutjob wing of the tORY party has captured (yet) another **** of a PM, this time they are calling themselves Net Zero Scrutiny Group as opposed to the European Reseach Group (same bunch of ****s in the main, obv,.) I'm sure that they could cobble together their usual coalition around this; Farage, tRUMP, bat-**** US rEPUBLICANS (so, all of them), fellow neo-fascists from around Europe, etc,. Throw in a boat load of Russian finance to spread their ****** (that oil salesman Putin must be a fan) and you can all vote to let the planet burn to a crisp. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY (and your inefficient gas boilers), SHEEPLE!

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