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posted on 30/4/2021 13:25The Good Law Project took the Govt. to court in order to get them to release PPE contract info... - Gav

  • P14 Medical, run by a Tory councillor and donor, was awarded £276m in PPE contracts.
  • Meller Designs, run by David Meller a large Tory donor and trustee of the rightwing lobby group Policy Exchange, was given more than £160m in PPE contracts.
  • Luxe Lifestyle was awarded a £26m contract despite appearing to be insolvent and without any employees.
  • And Clandeboye Agencies whose registered trade on Companies House is “wholesale of sugar, chocolate and sugar confectionery” was awarded £108m in PPE contracts. We should say that the Government says Clandeboye was not in the VIP lane – but its own internal documents tell a different story. 

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