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posted on 31/12/2017 20:13Discipinary protocols not fit for purpose - Murray9360

 Happy New year to all Blue Vibe users. 

I have not posted for many years since the old Blue View days. Whilst I read every day and value the opinions and humour expressed on this site hugely, it is only the the treatment being dished out to our players over the past few weeks that  has prompted me to re-register so I guess that is one silver lining from a personal point of view.

I don't mind being beaten fair and square but to be kicked off the pitch from game to game, with zero protection from poor and incompetent officials is too much.

In chronological order, Kane, Alli, Murphy, Dann and Puncheon should all have walked. (Dann arguably yellow, but he crocked Sir Joe last year so I won't split hairs). Kane in the period for which  he should have been banned for notched two hat traicks and is lauded by the blinkered media.

It has struck me for some time that the system of punshing player related misdemaenors is not fit for purpose.

1. Yellow Card.

The team that has been offended against should be the direct beneficiary of the offence. 
To achive that logical end there should be a sin bin in line with that used in Rugby Union.
The length of time in the bin might reflect the type of offence. A foul tackle being worth more that  kicking the ball away. The poster who earlier pointed out that it is farcical that Sane's offence is effectively treated in the same manner as Puncheon's is totally correct.

2. Suspensions. 

In line with the above,  a three match ban should be served as follows. The next two games, and the next game against the team who was offended against, regardess for who the offending player is representing.

3. Competition discrete bans.

When Luis Suarez was sent off for biting in a Premier League fixture, his 8 match sentence was partially served in cup ties. That is directly unfair against those league teams not involved in said cups. A totally non-level playing field.  A sending off inan FA Cup Tie would mean missing the next three F.A. cup ties for which that player is available.

4. Player Availability match by match scrutiny

There should be independent srutiny by expert football doctors of injured players. If a player is injured and unavailable, that match should not count towards hi suspension.

5. Post match reviews.

Again in line with Rugby Union, players should be able to be cited for any offence regardless whether, the referee, referee's guide dog, Uncle Tom Cobley or whoever did or did not see the incident. All game should be reviewed for the full 90 minutes because at the momemt a top six player is more likely to receive the slo-mo MOTD trail by T.V. by a panel of overpaid buffoons.

6. Bringing the Game Into Disrepute.

Comments made by players (e.g. Paul Pogba) or "pundits" (e.g. Danny Murphy....sadly one of the observers with a better than average record until his appalling inciteful remarks recently), should be banned in line with other offences, either from the pitch or the airwaves.

7. VARs

The sooner the better. I have given up watching neutral matches because it is 90 minutes gone when I could be listening to Miles Davis to witness a result that is incorrect.

8. The F.A.

Tear it up..spit it out..start from scratch.

Happy New Year. We are watching an icredible team. I promise not to stay away so long.

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