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posted on 25/6/2020 13:56"a higher rather than lower level of governmental control over the individual citizen" = the libertarian continuum - Gramsci.

I imagine most people, let alone Labour members, believe something fairly close to:

we should be sufficiently free to act in a way that may affect ourselves, even adversely, but that a democatic state should intervene  with laws and regulations when the individual's actions impinge negatively on the wellbeing or opportunity granted to all, or other, citizens.

You and I might even agree on the above.

But it is very general indeed.  Which makes it all the more useful to make more granular by use of examples.  This is what we are doing.

You said
this was in the context of the pandemic and government's actions - you introduced this to the discussion

You said your idea was that the lockdown had been too restrictive in some way,

I said I was happy with the measures

I am interested, as are other readers I am sure, as to which measures you did not like and why.

So tell us.

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