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posted on 2/3/2021 12:04Re: ...Scottish independence question (from GKA's on the main board) - blu thru and thru

Like you, I'm an English accented Scot and most of my family are there; some pro, some against, independence.
For most of my life (for 45+years) I lived outside UK. I couldn't vote either in Indyref or in the EU ref. I would have voted against independence and for remain in EU. Now I live in England ('home' in Scotland would be Caithness, a bit remote from anywhere for my taste). All my own choices, for weel or waur.
I don't, then, live in Scotland. The choice is for those who do live there. I know what I would vote, now, if I did live there. But I won't vote. It has **** all to do with England (by which I mean the residents of England) and I have to admit that I am sick to death of them mouthing off about it. Obviously, some talk sense and some talk ********, but it isn't their right to choose. **** 'em all (including me) and let the Scots choose.

And **** Boris. And Gove.
Especially **** Boris. And Gove.

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