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posted on 14/4/2022 10:59. and a bit more ... - Gramsci.

 87. So in a year, we’ve gone from the people of Britain applauding health workers from their doorways to MPs abusing health workers to keep a bull****ting one-man game of Shag/Marry/Avoid in power 
88. Gilead commander’s wife Liz Truss was taking a break from “leading the world on Ukraine” to undertake the urgent task of being photographed sitting with eerie serenity in an haunted orchard, but she somehow found time to say she “fully backs” the PM 
89. This doesn’t entirely explain why she’s registered 2 domain names for a future leadership bid
90. Despite Tory MPs attempting to overwhelm us with their panicky blunderbuss of ****wittery, only 6% of the public believe the PM is honest, and 57% of us want him to resign 
91. A rising number Tory MPs have had enough, OK with the 150,000 deaths, but not with this, and have begun sending letters of no-confidence to the 1922 committee
92. The public are being encouraged help matters along by writing a letter of complaint to their own Tory MP 
93. This, of course, assumes their Tory MP isn't one of the ones who – in this week alone – have been found guilty of paedophilia, or suspended for railing coke and doing sexual assaults, or celebrated the anniversary of them refusing to step down for being handsy as **** 
94. Anyway, minor stories hidden behind the more obvious vortex of broiling chaos – and do try to remember the missing £20 million of Sunak tax as you read these
95. UK benefits – already the worst in Europe – have now fallen further, reaching their lowest level for 50 years 
96. Meanwhile Minister James Heappey complained that he couldn’t survive on his £106k salary
97. After every single Tory MP voted against making rented housing fit for human habitation, 1 in 8 privately rented homes are now a “serious threat to people’s health and safety” 
98. And after a decade of the lowest funding in its history, half of A&E patients now wait over 24 hours to be seen
99. 23% wait more than 2 days
100. 80% of hospitals reported storing patients in desperately needed ambulances because wards are packed with Covid cases 
101. The NHS said spiralling Covid infections were “being ignored for ideological reasons”, cos stopping spindly, posturing mantis Jacob Rees-Mogg from whining is more important than public health
102. The NHS said the “living with Covid” policy was “dooming the health service” 
103. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine said the Tories abandoning cheap, workable and basic public health measures in a pandemic was “breaking the basic agreement to provide a health service”
104. They said the NHS is in “a deeper crisis than ever before” 
105. GP numbers have fallen every single year since the Tories promised to increase them in 2015
106. This week a study fond 44% of teachers said they plan to quit due to “unmanageable workload”, made worse by constant rolling absences caused by unconstrained Covid 
107. And finally, the chairman of Enfield Conservatives has been suspended for dressing up in a Nazi uniform for “perverse-themed” parties, but said he didn't remember
108. I don’t know about you, but I think I’d remember dressing up in a Nazi unform for a perverse-themed party.

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