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posted on 26/2/2021 16:11...Scottish independence question (from GKA's on the main board) - Gav should have another referendum

in 2014 it went 55-45% to remain a part of the UK. At the time the 3 main party leaders were forever in Scotland (I was living there at the time) and promised that in order to stay in the EU Scots should remain part of the UK

That went badly didn't it? Scotland voted by 62 to 38% to stay in the EU, but was dragged out because England is a larger country. 

Many who voted to stay in tyhe UK would not do so again, not least because in 7 years many have passed away. Overwhelmingly the older voters are more tied to the monarchy and the Union.

I had/have family who voted to stay in the UK. I voted to leave and stay in the EU

The economic argument is a difficult one, but Scotland is not supported by England despite what the Daily Mail/Telegraph would have you believe. If you include sea territory then Scotland is physically larger than England btw. The hit to Scotland's ecomony is certainly no worse than the effect of Brexit on the UK economy.

There would be many challenges such as currency, and rejoining the EU to overcome but imoh they could be sorted.

Scotland feels like a different country from England, it hasn't elected a Tory majority in 70 years, it is more welcoming to doesn't have the Farage hate mob that England does. There are a few idiots everywhere but England has a seroius number of flag-waving nutters who resent diversity at all levels

Not that it bothered me, ie. I could deal with it, but the only time I've experienced racist abuse (apart from being called a ginger jock **** on here) was in work, when my boss found out I was born in Scotland. It was a few years ago now (90s) but imagine being told 'I ****ing hate people from your country'  at work these days! In 10 years in Scotland no one ever called me out or questioned me  for having an English accent.

The current focus on the Salmond/Sturgeon inquiry north of the border is because in the May elections the SNP are running on a ticket of independence and could well get a huge majority. The Westminster govt. are out to damage that cause and the media are duly carrying out their wishes

There, thought this was for this board, people can take from it what they want....and I didn't even call Boris a ****... 

- Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others. -

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