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posted on 16/5/2021 10:29Corrupt Batrads! - Gav

 Frum T'Thunderer

At 9.30am on May 9, 2019, 12 men and women piled into the boardroom at Windsor House, a civil service office in Whitehall.

All worked for Homes England, a government agency set up with the honourable purpose of funding affordable homes. They had a big decision to make: approve or reject the request from a luxury property company for a £187 million taxpayer-backed loan. It would be the largest sum awarded by the agency.

Unexpectedly, the chairman showed up. He was Lord Udny-Lister, then just Sir Edward, one of Boris Johnson’s closest advisers since his days as London mayor. In his £68,000-a-year role, Lister, 71, was not required to attend meetings of the investment committee.

However, he was the most senior person there, alongside Nick Walkley, the agency’s chief executive, appointed by Lister and who resigned this year. Those in the room, still less the public, did not know that Lister was being paid by the developer that would benefit from the loan.

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