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posted on 18/11/2020 20:06Difficult to fully flesh out my thoughts in a few lines - arty_fufkin

Without leaving myself open to attack from pretty much any side.

But in a nutshell:

There was clearly an issue with antisemitism. 

The leadership failed to adequately deal with it. 

It was right to have an independent enquiry. 

Starmer was right to accept the findings and act upon it. 

Corbyn should have accepted the findings, even if he thought it was somewhat harsh.

Starmer had little choice but to suspend him. 

I don't accept Corbyn is an antisemite. 

Following his apology and acceptance of the report (gritted teeth not withstanding), allowing him back in but withholding the whip is probably the best compromise pending the due process. 

The 2 extreme and fanatical responses from Corbyn die hards and those demanding the ultimate sanctions are utterly depressing.

Labour won't move on from this without an acceptance we've made a mess of this and a willingness to also accept that shouldn't mean defenestration of anyone deemed to have acted ineffectively. 

The only winners are the Conservative Party, whose record of bigotry is hilariously overlooked. But we know the press will do this, so can't resort to whataboutery since we know the way of the world.

I joined the Labour Party because of Corbyn and particularly the manifesto of 2017. I'm still broadly supportive of his overall position but the last election demonstrated beyond doubt he is never going to pursuade the majority he is in anyway a viable leader so demands for him to be leader again are utterly insane. 

I'm worried we will remain in a civil war while the worst government this country has EVER had  somehow drive the country to ruin and get voted in again. 

That's probably it.