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Messaging Enabled

posted on 19/11/2020 11:59Why wouldn't I (assuming it is indeed legally correct)? I have no beef with it whatsoever. - Nicolae

It does seems strange (to an outsider) that, as their power is slipping away, the hard left are now calling for party unity, but didn't seem so keen on it when they were in control. 


Having to resort to 'legal defiitions' to excuse their (possible) behaviour or speech doesn't smack much of unity either.  Nor do comments like it's just "some made up anti semitism crap" or "You and I know full well it was ******", that appear to be completely dismissing the report's findings. 


It does look (again to an outsider) that there is a (large?) section of Corbynistas that think there was, and is, no problems to address.

- A Farewell to Kings -